Spot quality check in D365 advanced WMS

Firstly, belated happy new year everyone!!!

Recently I have been working in SCM area and exploring advanced warehouse management concepts and functionalities.

As part of my familiarisation, I have come across a feature which is extremely useful and will come into handy in some scenarios. The feature is all about performing a quality check (more like visual check) while receiving the goods, and take a spot decision to move the goods either to its main location or to a quality inspection location. This quality check can be done for transfer receive too but am covering purchase receiving only for here.

Features to be enabled:

Since its has been released sometime back in 2020, am sure most of you already might have used/explored this feature and in case if you are not, you can try it. In my demo environment, it was not there and hence I need to enable the feature and once its enabled, you cannot disable it. Here are the two features you need to enable:

  • Quality Management for Warehouse Processes (pre-requisite to enable the below one)
  • Quality check (gives us the spot-checking functionality)

Few configs to look out:

Quality check template

Now, you will see some new setup forms in Warehouse management module and one such is Quality check template form.

Quality check template
  • Acceptance policy: System can prompt user to take decision or you can set auto-reject every time.
  • Quality processing policy: System can either work only or quality order (in fact work + quality order). If you specify create work only, a work will be created. If you specify, quality order, system will create the work as well as the quality order for the received item. You must also need to specify the test group. This quality order setup can come in handy if there is item-based quality associations are not maintained by the organisation.

Work classes

Go to work classes and create a new class for the work order type ‘Quality in quality check’ (this is a new type) as shown below:

New work class for quality in quality check

Work templates

Now comes the actual configuration. Create a new work template for the new work order type ‘Quality in quality check’ as shown below:

New work template forquality in quality check

Once done, open the work template for type ‘Purchase orders’ and here you need add quality check as part of your warehouse template.

New addition for purchase order work template

Remember, the quality check line should always be after pick and before put activity. You also need to specify the quality check template against the record.

Location directives

You need to create a directive for the new work order type ‘Quality in Quality check’.

Location directive for Quality in Quality check

You need to set the actions to move the item to quality inspection location.

Spot quality check using warehousing app

As am accessing trial environment, not sure how to connect that to warehousing app. So I will show from web app access perspective.

As a warehouse worker, login to the app and access ‘Purchase receive’ and complete the activity. A work record will be created where you need to pick the stock from the inbound area and put to its stock location.

Now access the menu ‘Purchase put-away’. Confirm the picking activity and then you will get a screen where you can see three decisions – Accept, Reject and Cancel.

Spot decision actions to be taken
  • Accept: If you accept, current work record will still be active till you put-away the items in its primary location
  • Reject: If you reject, the current work will be completed and new work will be created.

Once rejected, you can see the current work (of type ‘Purchase order’) that got updated with pick and put at same RECV location.

Rejection closes eisting work record

A new work has been created of type ‘Quality in Quality check’ where you need to move the goods to quality location. You can find the new work in ‘All works’ form. If you filter the records based on order number, you can see two works – one closed (as I have rejected) and other in progress.

New work record for Qualiy in Quality check

Here is the new work record and if you see, the first activity is already completed and closed. Its because picking is already done as part of original work. We need to just perform the put activity to move the goods to the quality inspection location.

New work record details

Isn’t this a beautiful feature?? This function offers as an alternative to existing quality check process with more flexibility and faster processing.

Quality orders can be created using this new quality check template but I found a bug (or maybe I missed something?). If a quality order is created through this process, somehow the location got updated to RECV location (or your inbound dock) rather than in inspection location as per quality order but the on-hand is showing in inspection location. When I validate the quality order to block the inventory by updating failed results, system is throwing error saying there is no on-hand at RECV to update status from available to blocked. I may need to explore more.

Refer to the source of this information from MSDocs.

You guys can also explore and any corrections or new updates are always welcome. Thats it from my side. Bye!!

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