Add custom links to Manager self service

Hi all…lets have another catchup..

Microsoft is releasing the promised features as part of wave 2 one by one. One very useful feature is adding custom links that are specific to managers only.

Right now, there is only one place where we can add custom links and this is visible for every employee and manager.

Add custom links for ESS

If there is any specific link that should be seen by manager only but not employee, then that cannot be achieved. This gap is now fulfilled by Microsoft and they have now enabled the same custom links under Manager self-service. You can go feature management and can enable it.

Preview feature to be enabled

Once this is enabled, you can now go to HR parameters and can define custom links under manager self-service as shown below:

Custom links for Managers

Now if you go back to ESS and to the My team section, you can see the custom links we configured under Related links as shown below:

Links shows in ESS > My Team

Isn’t this a great feature!!! HR can now can set a specific set of links for all employees and specific set of links for managers.

Bye for now..stay safe and be healthy!!!!

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