Workflow experience enhancements in D365 HR

Hi friends…..hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in these difficult times 😊..let’s catchup with some latest features.

Microsoft is not only focusing on new functionalities but also polishing the user experience across its Dynamics applications. One such improvements done are to the workflows related experience in D365 Human resources.

Right now at the home screen, you will see two section of work items:

  1. Workflows pending for your approvals (under Work items assigned to me)
  2. Any checklists assigned to you (under To-do list)

Currently both are differentiated in home screen – Work items assigned to me will be shown at the left-handed side whereas To-do list will be shown at the right-hand side. You can refer the screenshot as shown below:

Before enhancements applied in D365HR

There is a preview feature “Workflow experience enhancements”, if enabled, will bring the below changes:

  1. Unified list of work items and tasks
  2. Easy access to workflow actions

Unified list of work items and tasks

The feature will move all the workflow items and assigned to-do tasks in the same side i.e., right hand side as shown below. It looks more organised way of showing on what you need to do.

Organized to-do and work items on same side

Easy access to workflow actions (only for personnel actions)

Here is another improvement here but there is a catch. When I read the documentation, initially I thought its applicable for all workflow (ex: leave) but I realized its applicable only for personnel actions.

For personnel actions, now the workflow related actions (submit, approve or deny) can be done directly from the record as shown below:

Post enhancements enabled – workflow actions

I hope MS releases the same way for other workflows too. Examples: Leave and reviews.

Simple and good enhancements. That’s it for this time. Catch you soon with some more updates..take care..bye.

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