Tips & Tricks – 04: Delegate multiple work items

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Time to catchup with another tip!!

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Tip/Trick no. 4: How to delegate multiple work items assigned to you

There are times where you want to delegate the work items that are assigned to you and that could be because you are not the manager during the period or the employee is incorrectly tagged to you as a direct report or could be any other reason.

Instead of reassigning/delegating each work item assigned to you, you can now delegate multiple work items at a time. A new feature released by Microsoft to both D365 Human Resources and D365 Finance & Operations that will help you with this.

Go to Work items assigned to me tile
How to delegate

As shown above, select all records or required work items and click on Delegate work items button. Assign to the respective user and click on Delegate work items.

Assign to respective user

Note: This feature is under feature management and this needs to be enabled in order to use it.

The above can be used for any approvals pending (leaves, expenses, PR or PO etc.) in your work items assigned to me tile.

That’s it form my side and catch up with you soon !!

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