Tips & Tricks – 03: Rename self service

Hi all,

Lets catch up with another tip. Not sure how many users will find useful and it depends on the organisation how they want to display it.

Tip/Trick no. 3: Renaming self service in D365HR

You can see the employee self service in the home page as shown below. That’s the default name displayed out of box.

Employee self service in homepage

Few organisations may call it colleague self service or simply self service. Few may even allow self service for contractors they may feel employee self service title may not apt.

MS has given a provision to change the name. You can select one of the value either Employee self service or Self service. This can be done from Human Resource parameters:

Selecting self service name

Select and save and then refresh. You can see the changed name in the home page:

Changed self service name in homepage

Not sure, how many organisations will be benefited but nevertheless a tip to be noted. It will be good if Microsoft also allows a custom name and the choice to be left to the customer..what say??

Thats it as of now..lets catch up soon….bye

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