Tips & Tricks – 02: Show data in the fast tab header

Hi friends,

Let’s catch-up with another tip 🙂

The tip am going to share is an old one and very common one in D365 Finance and Operations. It’s been in AX from long time and I almost forgot about it until I rediscover this option very recently. Not sure if this is widely used in HR area but in D365 FO purchase order or in vendors form, this was very useful.

Tip/Trick no. 2: How to quick view required data without expanding fast tabs in a form

Just to the users who do not know what’s a fast tab in D365 terminology:

Fast tabs in a form

Before going to show you how to add data to header, one more trick I wanted to show you. You can right click on any fast tab and you can see two options collapse all & expand all. This will help you to expand all fast tabs and collapse all fast tabs respectively.

Collapse all & expand all

Coming to the tip for today, there is a way to add required data into the fast tab header so that you can view the information without expanding the fast tabs. This can be done using personalisations. For example, if you want to display office location in worker summary tab, then you can right click on office location >> Personalise >> enable the field show in header as shown below:

Enable show in header field

Now you can see the office location can be shown under worker summary fast tab even though its collapsed:

Office location in fast tab header

D365 will allow only certain fields to be available under the fast tab header, If you want to see what fields can be enabled under fast tab header, right click >> personalise this page >> click Show in header and you can see what fields can be enabled.

Highlighted fields cannot be enabled in header

If there is a lock symbol next to a field as highlighted above, you cannot show them under header. Here are some more examples:

Under employment tab, I can enable calendar and adjusted start date as shown below:

Enabling more than a field under header

Here is another example in positions form:

Position form fast tabs

I know some of my customers who used this feature extensively in Dynamics AX but that is at procurement side. Am not sure how much this is required for a user in HR area but it is certainly a good feature to get quick glance of required data without expanding fast tabs.

Hope this helps you. Catch you next time soon…bye.

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