Tips & tricks – 01: Reverting the data

Hi all,

I will start posting some of the tips & tricks that I had learnt from D365 Finance & Operations and have been experiencing from D365 Human Resource implementations.

Tip/Trick no. 1: How to reverse the entries done in a form

Incorrect entries are very common when you enter loads of data into the system and this happens with everyone. Microsoft knows this and hence they provided some useful tool in the form “Revert”. There is an option in D365 where you can reverse the entered data (Create/Update) to a record. This is available in both D365 Human Resources and D365 Finance and Operations.

Lets say, I have to create two worker records. Created first worker’s record correctly but when entering personal information such as gender, date of birth, ethnic origin etc, I realised that I have entered incorrect data. System will given an option revert all those fields (with respect to the corresponding fasttab details) and I dont need to delete the data from every field in that fast tab. Ofcourse this works with some rules and restrictions 😉

I will show you one quick example. Open Reason codes form and I have created a reason code as shown below:

Created a record in reason codes form

I realised that I have given incorrect code or done incorrect tagging, I can delete the record and create again. Also, there is an option to undo this.

Open Options from the action menu and click Revert button as shown below:

Option in the form to revert

Once you click that, system will delete the record as shown below:

Post using revert button

You can re-enter again. This is a single button feature instead of two button activity (deleting and adding again) sometimes smart work is needed😉.

Is it applicable for all forms?? Well mostly yes and for some no. I will explain how it works.

If you open any form, initially it will not be shown. Example, I have opened Job types form and you can see there is no revert button.

Opening a form (Job types)

If I create a new record, then it will be enabled in the options menu as shown below:

Create a record in the form

Here are the highlights of the feature:

  1. Once a record is saved (either by save button or close & open the record), revert feature will not work
  2. Revert button will be available for setup forms and master form but not on transactions form (as understandable, these transactions are driven by the system but not by user). Example:
    1. Setup form: Job type, reason codes etc
    2. Master form: Worker, Jobs, Positions etc
    3. Transactions: Leave requests, worker position assignments etc
  3. Master form is made with multiple entities (multiple sections). If you move from one tab to other or from one section to other section, system saves the record by default. In those times, you cannot revert. Example, in worker form:
    1. Switching between fast tabs
    2. Switching between tabs
Revert will not work if you switch between tabs or fasttabs

If you enter original hire date under worker summary fasttab and gender field under personal information fasttab, when you click on revert, system will remove the gender field but not the original hire date field.

You can always reach out to me if you see something different from what I have observed. Thats it from my side..will catch with you soon on a new post or a new tip/trick.. take care and enjoy lockdown at home 🙂

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