Setting critical fields as required/mandatory fields

Hi all…lets catchup on some new topic…

Microsoft has released one interesting feature under saved views (or personalizations). Before you try to use this new feature, you need to know how to enable and use saved views. You can find more information on how to use saved views in one of my articles.

This feature is all about how you can make your crucial or critical fields in a form as a mandatory one so that end user cannot skip or forget now. This option is already available starting in D365 Finance and Operations version 10.0.11 when the saved views and Designate fields as required using personalization features are enabled. Example, when you hire an employee in D365 Human resources, you can make employee to update either KnownAs field or SeniorityDate field or work calendar as part of mandatory fields so that it cannot be missed.

Enabling the feature and its dependencies in preview mode

This feature is available as part of personalisation and is currently in preview mode. Hence you need to enable this feature in first place. In order to use it, you need to enable saved views preview feature too.

Enable the following features from feature management in system administration:

  • (preview) saved views
  • (preview) designate fields as required using personalisation

Setting the required fields as mandatory

In this example, am going to show you how to make some of the fields in worker form as required (kind of mandatory) and how the system behaves if it’s not filled. The fields that am going to make mandatory are:

  • KnownAs
  • SeniorityDate
  • Calendar
  • AdjustedStartDate
  • BirthDate

Open a worker record. Right click on KnownAs field and enable Required box as shown below:

right click on a field and enable required checkbox

Likewise, enable the same for other fields:

Enable required checbox for all critical fields

Note: Required checkbox is not getting enabled for some fields. Example: am not seeing required checkbox for marital status field but can see for marital status date. I don’t know why this is but I assume when the feature is available in general mode, these things will be sorted out.

Required checbox not available for few fields

Once the rqeuired fields are enabled, save the view with some custom name as shown below:

Saving view with custom name

Now you need to publish this view to required roles as shown below. This enables all the users in that role to see those mandatory fields when they open the worker record.

So, once you create a custom view, go to manage my views as shown below:

Managing views

Select the custom view and click Publish. Add the required security roles and also ensure you pin the custom view as default view. Then click on publish.

publishing custom views to security roles

Form behaviour post publishing

To check properly, I have created a new worker and when I click on Hire and add details, this is what I see. You can see the form is defaulted to the custom view. If you see all the fields that were set as required are now showing like a mandatory fields highlighting in the red.

Required fields getting highligted in red in profile tab
Required fields getting highlighted in employment tab

If you try to close the form or try to save the form, it will throw error something like this:

Error msg when closing the form
system throwing error if required fields are not entered

Sometimes system is throwing the error if I close the form without filling any required fields and sometimes its not throwing error even though I didn’t update any of the required fields. I think this is because this feature is still in preview mode. I assume once it gets general available, this will get better.

Though the system is not throwing error (always) for other required fields but good thing is those fields will still be highlighted in red if no data is entered. These red coloured cells are enabled only when you edit the record.

This is still in preview feature…hope Microsoft tunes this feature by the time it becomes general availability. I will update in another article if I observe any new changes.

See u soon. Bye.

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