D365 HR roadmap in 2020 – Wave 2

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Catchup time!!

Microsoft just announced wave 2 roadmap for D365 Human resources. These features are available during the period of next 6 months in preview month and subsequently be released to General availability.

I will highlight some important lineups but you can still go through the Microsoft’s release statement from here.

Leave and Absence

  • Approved leaves integration with Outlook: Approved time-offs will be integrated directly to the employee’s outlook calendar
  • Additional insight into leave balances: Currently, an employee in ESS can see balances but cannot dig deeper to see what their accruals are, adjustments done etc. I assume this feature will bridge the gap thereby providing complete details of balances (for both employees and managers).
  • Cross-company view of employee leaves for managers: Useful for managers who have reportees across multiple companies.
  • Leave & absence workflow experience enhancements: Limited info here, lets wait and see what enhancements are done here.


  • Leave and absence experience in Teams: Currently this is already available in preview and this will be available in General at around October
  • Custom links for Managers: This one is also very useful one. Our customer has links and power apps specific to manager (not to be seen by employees) and this feature is most useful to them 🙂
  • Manager access to employee attachments: This one too is a good feature where manager can access employee related attachments. Hope that MS will give an option of either to enable or disable this as some companies might prefer to have the visibility of these attachments only to HR team

Integrations and Extensibility

  • CDS new entities – Skills and certificates: This a great and timely feature especially for us as we are planning to integrate skills and certificates data from D365 Human Resources to D365 field services and this is really helpful
  • Integration with LinkedIn Talent hub: Seems interesting but unfortunately we can’t test unless your company uses LinkedIn talent hub for recruitment. Basically this feature will send candidate’s data to D365HR when he/she accepts the offer there by reducing manual intervention.
  • Enhanced candidate profile in personnel management: If you are working with 3rd party ATS applications, then upon confirmation, candidate’s full profile will be available under candidates to hire section in personnel management workspace. This is again a good feature as it eliminates manual intervention 🙂
  • Manager’s request for recruitment: This is one of the missing features I feel it should there from beginning. Currently manager can see open positions that reports to him/her but cannot request for recruitment. Now using either MSS or personnel management (based on access), they can request to recruit a new employee and workflow will be initiated to begin the process. Another great thing about is Manager can change the default info of Job or position details. Am eager to check on this.
  • Azure AD integration: hmm..this should have come earlier, we already did integration from D365HR to AAD on our own. Atleast this is helpful for new customers who wants to implement D365 Human resources.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Customized reports: Wooohoo..this is most exciting of all (my favourite of all). Except BI analytics, there is no proper reporting tool that is available (like SSRS available in D3665FO). Whenever customer needs some data, I used to export data from entities and there we were filtering the required data. If we need it again after a week, again we are exporting latest data and again we are filtering. Though we used advanced filtering but still that is something not handy. This feature should resolve all such pains.

One thing for sure…Microsoft is listening to the customer challenges and pains..slowly its taking D365HR to the next level in the market..so if you are facing any challenges, lets raise an idea here or give votes from the existing ideas.

Thats it from my side…catchup with u soon….

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  1. Hi Pavan,

    Thank u for posting this very useful document regarding d365 HR. I am working as Recruitment consultant for company who works exclusively on d365 projects only.

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