Create a workspace in D365 HR

Hi all..its time to catchup again 😊

What is a workspace as per D365 dictionary?

Users who are already familiar with D365 Finance and Operations, do not need any introduction to workspace. For those who are not aware, workspace is like a dashboard that will have a logical group of tasks that make up the work of a target persona or a role.

Enable preview feature

In order to create a custom workspace, you need to enable a preview feature. This is still a preview feature and hence you need to enable this as part of pre-requisite.

Enabling preview feature

This has dependency with “Saved views” feature. So once “Saved views” is enabled, then only we can enable the Full page apps.

Overview of Full-page apps

In one of my previous mail, I have given  You can refer the article by clicking here. I have given an example of how to embed a website to the HOME screen of D365HR. To add to that statement, we can:

  1. Publish the webpage to a security role so that respective users can also view that
  2. Remove the page from your home screen
  3. Edit and can change to a different site
Multiple options to manage an added site

How to create a workspace

We can create a role specific workspace. Example, we can create a workspace for recruiter or business support personnel where they can their day to day activities in D365 HR.

Right click home page and personalise
Add a page in personalise section
Give approproiate name to the workspace
A new empty workspace gets created

Let’s start adding the data to it.

Adding a list page to the workspace

Now go to Jobs form > click on options > click on add to workspace

Adding jobs as list to the workspace

Click on configure once you select list as shown above. Then you will be asked to provide the name of the list page and which columns you want to see (max 8 can be selected) in the workspace. Click on Ok once done.

Give a name and select columns

Refresh the Recruiter workspace, you can now see the custom list page for jobs. Similarly, you can add more list pages if you want. Here I have added departments and cost centers too.

Can add multiple listpages

Add tiles to the workspace

Go to Open positions form and you can follow the same steps as mentioned for Jobs. You can choose as a tile instead of list this time:

Configure the tile

Click on Ok and now refresh the recruiter workspace and it will look like this:

Tile with count value

I have added other related activities that are important to me, as tiles. Example: My overdue cases, my open cases etc.

Multiple tiles

Add list pages as a link to the workspaces

If you add as a link, you need to do the below:

Arrange links by a group

Refresh the browser and you will see the recruiter workspace as below:

Links shown in workspace

You can add additional links with a separate group name as shown below:

Seggregrating links based on groups

Additional things you can do:

  1. Add PowerApps (I will cover in my coming articles on how to create a simple powerapp and can add in workspace or personalize in any page)

What you cannot do:

  1. Add reports or analytics to the custom workspace
  2. Add any action menu items (such as Add a job, add a position etc)
  3. Add external links

Note: Though external links cannot be added in the workspace but can be added in the home page as shown in my article.  I hope Microsoft will given provision to add external links in the workspace too.

Publish the workspace to a security role

Go to Homepage > personalize this page > export the xml file. An xml file DefaultDashboardStandard view will be downloaded.

Go to Personalisations form and import the xml file that is downloaded as shown below:

Import and browse the file
Import to your account and rename the view

Click on resolve and you will see the imported view under saved views. Now you can publish this view to the security role as shown below.

Publishing the workspace to a security role

For more info on how to publish personalisations to a security role, refer to my saved views article.

Hope this will help you. In case of any corrections to this article or any other observations thats not mentioned here, please let me know.

Catch you soon..happy lockdown 🙂

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