Tracing balance adjustments

We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things
-Charles W. Chestnutt

Hi all,

Let’s catch-up with a small yet very important (especially for end users) feature that is released by Microsoft today.

Why this simple feature is so special?

Currently in D365 HR, when a balance adjustment has been applied to a leave plan, there is no place to record a comment/reason where we can mentioned the reason of a specific transaction has been made.

Example: From the below table, you can understand there are two records on balance adjustments done on 01 Jan 2020, but you cannot trace why two adjustments are made on the same day, unless you are the one who has adjusted 🙂

Transaction dateTransaction typeAmount
01-01-2020Balance adjustment7.50
01-01-2020Balance adjustment7.00

It’s very common practice in an organization to adjust leave balances, it can be of any reasons given below or more:

  1. Holiday pay adjustments
  2. A worker has changed from part-time to full-time or vice versa
  3. Change in organization policies
  4. Incorrect balance transfer during opening balances
  5. Buy and sell leave (its not yet released)

With this new feature, Microsoft has extended additional step where you can document:

  1. A reason code
  2. Any additional comments

Note: These can still be optional.

Enable the preview feature

You cannot just enable this preview feature as it has some dependencies with some other preview features. The preview feature “Configure multiple leave types on a single leave plan” should be enable first in order to enable this.
Note: If you enable “Configure multiple leave types on a single leave plan” feature, you cannot disable it.

Define reason codes for balance adjustments

Path: Personnel Management > Links > Setup > Reason codes
Create required reason codes and enable the applicable scenario as shown below:

Define reason code for adjustment

Transact a balance adjustment on a worker

Open the worker record on whom you want to update the balance adjustment. Go to the leave and absence form of the worker and adjust the balance by selecting the respective leave plan. You can specify the reasons/comments as shown below:

Record reason/comment at the time of adjustment

Once it gets adjusted, you can see the details of the transactions done by either you or by someone. This can be viewed by an employee or a manager or a HR.

Tracing the reasons for balance adjustment

Even after an year or two, you will still know why this transaction has been done. Isn’t that simple and effective feature!!!

Bye for now 🙂

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