Improved new user experience features in D365 HR

Hello all,

Functionality aside, Microsoft is adding more features to improve user experience in D365 Human Resources. I know am late to the party of exploring these new cross-app features (completely) are also available in D365 Finance & operations.

Here are some of the new productive features released:

User productivity features
  1. Saved views
  2. Full page apps
  3. Optimised “is one of” filtering experience
  4. Recommended fields
  5. Sticky default actions in grids
  6. Attachment recovery

For D365 analysts or consultants, these features may not excite but for end users who uses D365 for their day-to-day activities, definitely these will make some difference in terms of productivity.

Saved views

I have already covered “Saved views” feature in my first blog post. You can click here to refer the functionality. Currently am facing some challenges to save the personalizations done in Employee self service, into a custom view. If there is no custom view, I cannot publish this to a security role. I will explore more and come back to you. For more info, you can refer MS docs.

Full page apps

You cannot enable this feature till you enable “saved views”. This has dependency with personalisation feature. This is the feature that will excite the analysts/consultants too. With this feature, instead of opening a site in a new browser tab, you can open in D365 HR directly. You can:

  1. Embed Internal intranet portals in ESS
  2. Create a new workspace
  3. Embed PowerApps or webapps
  4. Embed 3rd party external sites too

Example (adding 3rd party website in D365 HR):

Health & Safety team in an organisation submits RIDDOR report to UK govt site periodically for all the injury records that are created in D365 HR (under Compliance > Links > Injury and illness > Injury or Illness incidents).

Addinga page in the HOME workspace
Add name and hyperlink
Added website will be shown in homepage itself
Link , when opened, shown like this

Isn’t it great??? If you want to refer to any incident record in D365, you can duplicate the tab >> go to Injury or illness incident record and update required details in the former tab.

Optimised “is one of” filtering experience

This has become a mandatory one (from 30/3/2020) and will be enabled automatically if you do not enable it. I was wondering that this feature already exists, what else Microsoft has done improvisations here. This is a simple yet useful feature.

Example: In positions form, I want to filter our all the positions that are associated to 4-5 jobs only, then I can copy them directly (later screenshot) in the search criteria instead of one by one by adding every time (former screenshot).

Before enabling the feature
After enabling the feature

Recommended fields

Based on the usage data from other users, D365 will tell you intelligently what fields you need to add in a particular form/page. As far as I understood and tested, this is applicable when you want to add fields in any form/page. For example, if few users have added a field in a particular page, then that field will be recommended to any other user who wants to any field to the page or form.

Example – I opened a worker record and wanted to add a field to it, recommended fields will tell me most added field by other users (that includes my list too).

Add field section using personalisation
Added section of Recommended fields

Attachment recovery

You need to enable this feature manually. Let’s say, you have deleted an attachment by mistake from a respective record (can be worker or Job or anything). The only way to put it back is to add from front end. Post enabling this feature, you will get a prompt to undo the deletion (if its unintended).

Example: Select a worker record and go to attachments. Select the file and click on delete.

Attachment area

You will get a prompt like this (you may see a delay for this notification)

Notification about deleted file

By expanding notification, you may undo as shown below:

Option to undo the unitended activity

System will restore as soon as you click undo as shown below:

Recovered attachment

Lets say, you have ignored notification, then in that case, you can go to deleted attachments button in the attachments form. Here you can see the deleted record and can restore too.

Another option for deleted attachments
Restore option from deleted attachments listpage

Remember that by default you can restore only the file that is deleted in 30 days. The cap can be increased in document management parameters as shown below.

Increase the storage cap of deleted files

If you click on deleted attachments button as shown above, system will display list of all documents that were deleted.

List page when clicked from document management parameters

Sticky default actions in the grid

This feature is made mandatory by Microsoft. Before this feature exists in D365 HR, the hyperlink to open any record was always pointed out to first column only. In the below example, CourseID is the link to open detailed record. After you move the column, Course type became the main hyperlink record to open it.

Before feature enabled – first column is always hyperlink
Before feature enabled – Whatever field you move to first,always be a hyperlink

Post this feature is available, course ID will always be the main hyperlink record irrespective of its place in the listpage. Not sure if anyone is more interested to use this in real-time, nevertheless a feature is always good to have.

Post feature enabled – hyperlink will stick to default column, irrespective of its place

That is all from my side in this post. Will come back soon with another article.

Happy lockdown!!!!

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